Adding a contact form to TikiWiki

TikiWiki has a built in contact form that can be enabled in your TikiWiki site. This contact form will allow visitors to contact your through a form on your website. This article explains the steps in setting up a simple contact form within your TikiWiki website.

Configuring the TikiWiki contact form

  1. Log into TikiWiki.
  2. Search contact for configuration TikiWiki

    Click the wrench in the “Quick Admin” links at the top right side.

    In the search box where is says “Configuration search“, type “contact“.

    Click search.

  3. Click User Messages TikiWiki

    In the preference search results, you should see the “Allow Anonymous visitors” and “Contact us” with red warnings. In order to enable the Contact form, you will need to enable “User Messages” first.

    Click “User Messages“.

  4. Enable User Messages TikiWiki

    Click the check box next to “User Messages” and click Change.

  5. Change contact form TikiWiki

    You should be redirected to the contact search results. If not Search for “contact” again in the Configuration search box.

    The red warning should be gone now. Click “general next to the “Contact us” option.

  6. Change preferences TikiWiki

    You will see the “Contact us” show in red. Check the check box next to “Contact us“. You can also allow anonymous visitors access the Contact form by checking the “Allow Anonymous visitors” box.

    Click Change Preferences.

  7. Applied message for contact form TikiWiki

    You should see a confirmation saying “Preference feature contact enabled“.

    Click view to preview contact form TikiWiki

    On the General Settings section where is shows the Contact Us configuration, click the “Actions” icon and click View.

    Contact form view TikiWiki

    Now when going to your site you can see the contact form similar to the following:

    Now your contact form is ready for use on your Tiki site.


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