Activating a menu for display in Mambo

After creating a new menu in Mambo, you may want to activate that particualar menu as part of your site. This article will demonstrate how to add a new menu to the default template in your Mambo application. How to activate a custom menu in Mambo First, log into your Mambo admin interface   From Read More >

How to create a new menu in Mambo

When working within the Mambo application, you will discover there are several premade menus. You can also create your own custom menu for use on your site. Below are the instructions for creating a new menu for your Mambo site within the administration back office. Creating a new menu in Mambo Log into your Mambo Read More >

Enable / Disable User Registration in Mambo

When you first install Mambo, it will allow users to register on your website. You can change this setting in the Admin Panel, if you do not want to let users register.   In this tutorial we will show you how to turn User Registration on and off in mambo. Here is a picture of Read More >

How to change the Admin password for Mambo

It is good practice to change your passwords frequently to prevent a password compromise. You can change the Administrators password in the users section of Mambo. If you lost your [password and cannot log in to your Mambo Dashboard at all, you can change the password in PhpMyAdmin. This article will explain how to change Read More >

Adding an iframe to a Mambo page

In this article I’m going to explain how you can easily add an iframe to one of your Mambo pages. An iframe element allows you to embed a remote web page into another page. This is great if you want to display content from another website within one of your pages, but you didn’t want Read More >

Inserting an internal link in Mambo

When you link to pages in your Mambo site, you will need to use the Mambo WYSIWYG editor to prevent your links from breaking. This is because when you make links to your own pages in Mambo, you may update the page you linked to. If you update the page and not the link, the Read More >

Adding an Image to a Page in Mambo

When you are creating a page, often you will want to add an picture. In this tutorial we will show you how to add an Image to a page in Mambo.  Add an Image to a Page: Upload the image you want to add to the page using FTP. If you are not familiar with the Read More >

How to configure SMTP in Mambo

When building your website with Mambo, there may arise a need to configure the site to connect to an SMTP server for sending email. On some older servers, the PHP mail(); function is disabled. To work around this, you can set up your software to use SMP. Below are the steps to set up your Read More >

Adding additional languages in Mambo

In this article I’ll be teaching you how to add an additional language pack to your Mambo installation, which will allow your Mambo site to be displayed in another language rather than just English. Adding additional language packs to Mambo Login to your Mambo admin dashboard. In the top menu, hover over Installers and then Read More >