How to create a contact form in Mambo

Mambo has a built in feature that allows you to add a contact form to your website. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create the contact form and add it to the sidebar menu in Mambo.

Steps to add a contact form

  1. Log into your Mambo Dashboard.
  2. Components Mambo

    Go to Components > Contacts > Manage items.

  3. New Mambo

    Click New at the top right.

  4. Details Mambo

    Fill in the contact details. The name field will name the form in Mambo. The name field will not show on the website. The other information will display on the Contact page unless you hide the information in the parameters on the right.

  5. Save Mambo

    Save the changes.

  6. List items Mambo

    Now in the Contact manager, you will see the contact form you made in the list.

    Manu Mambo

    Go to Menu > mainmenu.

  7. New menu item Mambo

    Click New at the top right.

  8. Menu Item list Mambo

    In the Components section, click Link – Contact Item.

  9. Add menu item Mambo

    On the Add Menu Item :: Link – Contact Item page, Fill in the details. In this case we are selecting the highlighted section in the snapshot to the right.

  10. Save the menu item Mambo

    Click Save at the top right.

    View of contact form in Mambo

    Now the Feedback link will be in the menu to the left and the Contact form will display in the page like the snapshot to the right.

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