How to change the Admin password for Mambo

It is good practice to change your passwords frequently to prevent a password compromise. You can change the Administrators password in the users section of Mambo.

If you lost your [password and cannot log in to your Mambo Dashboard at all, you can change the password in PhpMyAdmin. This article will explain how to change your Mambo Administrators passwords in the Users section and through PhpMyAdmin.

Changing the password in the Dashboard

  1. Log into your Mambo Dashboard.
  2. Select users Mambo

    Select Users from the list of options on the Home page of the Mambo dashboard.

  3. Select the Admin user Mambo

    Select the Administrator user from the list.

  4. Change the password Mambo

    Type the New password and retype it.

  5. Save the changes Mambo

    Save the changes.

    Now your Mambo will accept your new password.

Resetting the password in PhpMyAdmin

  1. Login into your cPanel.
  2. Go to PhpMyAdmin.
  3. Find your Mambo database in the list to the left.
  4. Select the mos_users table.
  5. The password can be changed here. Enter you new password in the text box.
  6. Select md5 from the drop box in the function column.
  7. Click Go towards to bottom.
  8. Try logging in with your new password.

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