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If you've been following our tutorial series on using the Contacts Component in Joomla 3.0, then you're now ready to review how the actual contact form works. The contact form was created when we setup a Contacts menu item (which we did in our last tutorial).


Form Values

The contact form by default contains the following fields:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Subject
  • Message
  • Send a copy to yourself

By default, all fields are mandatory except for the Send copy to yourself option.


Sending the Form

In our testing, we entered the following values into the form:

filling-out-the-contact-formName: Brad Markle


Subject: Testing your contact form

Hi "Student A",
This message is being sent to you using the contact form on your website.
I hope you get this message.
- Brad


After filling out the details of the message and clicking send, the page reloads and the following message appears to the user:

Thank you for your email.

You can change which page is loaded after the user submits the message, click here to find out how.


Receiving the Form


In our testing, the contact form we used was for Student A. Their Joomla username was j_appleseed and their email address on file was None of this information though was included in the email sent to Student A after the contact form was submitted.

The screenshot to the right shows the message Student A received (in Thunderbird - their email client) after the contact form was submitted on the site:


There is actually a lot of information in the screenshot that can be changed. Below we'll list a few pieces of data and where they are taken from:

Email SUBJECT: InMotion Hosting: Testing your contact form
• InMotion Hosting is the Site Name that we setup in the Global Configuration.
Testing your contact form was the Subject that we typed in the contact form.

Email FROM: Best Website Ever <>
Best Website Ever is the From Name we setup in the Server - Global Configuration settings under Mail Settings. as another setting configured in the Mail Settings. It is the From email setting.

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Section 3: How to Create a Contacts Menu Item in Joomla 3.1
Section 5: Redirecting forms to specific pages in Joomla 3.1

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n/a Points
2016-08-12 8:06 am

Hi,Are there any way to have some validation on the email format being entered into the email field?

using Joomla 3.6

42,943 Points
2016-08-12 8:18 am
Hello Johk,

Thanks for the question on Joomla. I did a search on this question and there were a few different answers:

I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Arnel C.
n/a Points
2015-05-25 7:38 am

hi,i want to change language in place holder and title i could to change title but i couldnt change place holdercan Can you help me?

10,077 Points
2015-05-27 12:30 am
Hello Amin,

You may be able to do this with a language override within joomla. You can read more on the process here.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens
n/a Points
2015-05-15 1:09 am

Is this  possible to add more emails in email field????

43,761 Points
2015-05-18 12:36 pm
Hello Bunny,

Are you referring to the email address(es) that will be receiving the input from the user? Or the field where the user enters their email address?

Kindest Regards,
Scott M
n/a Points
2015-11-27 10:54 am

Can you tell me please how to add two adresses to the e-mail field of a contact?

10,077 Points
2015-11-27 5:01 pm
Hello Arnold,

Unfortunately with the default contact form there is no way to cc an email on your form without custom coding it to do so.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens
n/a Points
2014-05-18 10:02 pm

I am a beginner. How to show the contact form on my site? Please help

11,186 Points
2014-05-19 8:53 am
The full process of creating and displaying a contact form on your Joomla site can be found in the Joomla contact form tutorial series in which this article is part of.
11,186 Points
2014-04-03 7:59 am
You may add more fields, but it requires quite a bit of changes to the Joomla core files. I was able to find a 3rd party tutorial on doing so here:

How to add custom field to any Joomla component and display it on the backend

Af for enabling a captcha, this can be done at the following:
Using a Captcha with the Contacts Component
n/a Points
2014-04-03 3:39 am


How to add more fields in this form and recaptcha code.

42,943 Points
2013-11-18 9:03 pm
Hello Paulwallas,

Sorry there seems to be confusion on this issue. Forms are simply fields that are displayed on some type of media. For example, if you look at a screen with several labeled fills with an area that you can fill, then it's a form. In this case of the form for Joomla, when you create the Contacts menu item, you've basically setup the form. Please review: How to Create a Contacts Menu Item. When you get to this point:

Click the Contacts menu type you would like to create. After doing so, you'll return to the New Menu Item page where additional fields will show. Fill out the appropriate fields and then click Save in the top left menu.

When this part is completed, you have basically created the form. The tutorial above basically identifies how the form operates.
2013-11-18 5:08 pm
I agree with the above comment. How do you create the contact form?
2013-07-10 9:13 am
This tutorial states " The contact form was created when we setup a Contacts menu item".
I have gone through it three times and do find any steps for creating the form.
Please assist.

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