How to turn off commenting for specific articles in Drupal 7

In our last article we showed you how to turn off comments for a specific content type in Drupal 7. We will expand upon this further in this Drupal 7 tutorial by showing you how to disable comments for individual basic pages and articles.

Please note:
The steps below are very similar for most comment types. For example, whether you want to disable comments on a blog entry or a basic page, the following steps should work for you.

To disable comments per page:

  1. Open the page for edit

    Whether it be an article or basic page, you’ll need to edit it. To do this, log into your Drupal 7 dashboard and click Content at the top. In the list of content, click edit next to the item you would like to change commenting settings for.

  2. disable-comments

    Adjust the Comment settings

    In the bottom left fo the page, click the link that says Comment settings. From here you can select either:

    (allow comments)
    Closed (disable comments).

    Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save these configuration settings.

    When comments are allowedWhen comments are disabled



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