An introduction to comments in Drupal 7

By default, comments are allowed in Drupal 7. Users must first be registered and logged in, however, before they can post comments.


How do users leave comments?

Once a user is logged in, at the bottom of pages that allow comments will be a comment form. Users can type in a subject and comment, choose a text filter type, and then click submit.

The comment formWhat comments look like after submitted



How do users reply to comments?

Under each comment is a link that says reply. Clicking the reply link will load a new page and allow users to respond to a specific comment. As you can see in the screenshots below, a reply comment shows under the original comment and is indented slightly.

The comment response formA reply comment that has been posted



How can I disable comments?

As a site administrator, you do have the ability to disable comments on your website. Please see the following links for more help with disabling comments on specific content types or individual pages.

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