Creating a comment section for your blog posts.

Once you install your blog module and can have created your first blog post content types, you may notice that there is no ability for visitors to leave comments. This is a normal feature for blogs and likely expected for your website visitors. They like to leave comments on blog posts so they can interact with your site, creating more of a community feel. As the Comment field has been adjusted in Drupal 8 to its own field type, there are a few steps needed to set them up for your blog post content types.

Create the comment field

The first step is to create the comment field for the blog post entry type. The article liked here will guide you on how to do just that.

How to create a comment field

Customize the comment field

Once created, the comment field may need to be customized to fit your specific ideal for how it should act. The following article link will demonstrate how to accomplish this.

Configuring your comment field

How to disable comments for a blog post entry

This step is not mandatory but recommended. Once your comment field is able to display on your posts, you will notice that there is always a field label above the section of the page. This will occur even if the comments are disabled for the post. The article link below gives instructions on how to remove that so there is no extra text on your page, especially if the comments are disabled.

How to remove the title for the comment field

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