Removing the Title Label for a Field in Drupal

After creating a field type, such as a comment, for a particular content type you will notice that the field’s label will appear on the page, even if the field is disabled. To learn how to disable the label so that there is not an extraneous title hanging out on your screen, follow the instructions below.

How to Remove a Field Title

  1. First, log into your admin dashboard.
  2. Next, click on the Menu option from the upper menu bar.

  3. Now you will need to click on the the Structure link from the secondary menu bar.

  4. This next page is the Structure page. Here you will want to locate and click on the Content Types item.

  5. Now you are presented with the Content types list. Find the dropdown to the right of the content type you are working with and click the Manage Display option.

  6. This brings you to the Manage Display tab for your selected content. In our example we are working with the Blog post content type. Here we see the different field types used in the Blog post, which are Body and Comments. Look to the Label dropdown for the Comments field type and set it to -Hidden-. This will configure the field to not display its label.

  7. Once you have set the label to hidden, click on the Save button in the lower left corner of the page to save it. Now your comments area should not display the label. Below is a before and after shot of the Comments label on a blog entry. Note how it displayed even when the comments were disabled. Now, it does not show.

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