How to create a new forum in Drupal 7

One of the first tasks you may want to do after enabling the forum module and configuring its basic settings is add another forum. This is because the only forum you currently have is General Discussion. In the following Drupal 7 tutorial we’re going to show you how to add another forum called Food Discussion.

  1. Log into your Drupal 7 dashboard
  2. In the top menu click Modules
  3. Next to Forum, click Configure
  4. Click Add forum
  5. drupal_forum_config_2

    In the Forum name type in the name of the forum. Our forum will be Food Discussion

  6. The Description is an optional field, and will show under the Forum name when forums are listed. Type is a description of the forum as needed
  7. In the Parent drop down, select the forum or container that this belongs to. If this forum is not related to another other container or forum, leave it as root
  8. Set the Weight of the forum
  9. Click the Save button to complete the configuration.

    Your Drupal 7 website now displays two forums, the defaul General Discussion forum and the Food Discussion forum we just created.drupal_forum_config_4

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