Adding new Articles in Drupal 8

Out of the many different content types in Drupal 8, there are only two that are available by default, the Article and the Basic Page. This article will focus on the Article content type.

What is an Article?

The Article content type is one of two content types that are enabled by default upon installation. This content type is usually used for information that is temporary or updated on a regular basis such as a blog post or a sales announcement. Articles are sorted on index pages from the most recent to least recent by default, however you can certainly change this behavior with the help of modules.

How to add Articles in Drupal 8

  1. Log into your Drupal 8 interface.
  2. select menu option from toolbarUsing the toolbar across the top of the screen, click on the Menu link.
  3. select the content menu optionAnother menu bar will appear directly under the first one. From here, select the Content option.
  4. select the add content buttonThis leads you to the main content list page where you will see a list of all content pages and articles you have on your site. Click on the Add Content button to begin.
  5. select the basic pageYou will be met with a selection of available content types. There are two types by default, Articles and Basic Pages. Select the Article option.
  6. add article contentYou are now on the Article content editor page. Enter the title, and body content for your article.
  7. select the basic pageOnce you have completed the content entry, click on the Save and publish button at the bottom of the page. This will save the article content and make it available for display on the web. You can access it by either a menu link if you enabled it, from the front page (if you promoted it) or direct access by typing in the full URL. Pictured is the sample article we created using these instructions.

As with other content type articles, this is the quick and easy version, which means only the basic Article was created. It did not cover how to change the URL alias of the page, add the article to a navigation menu, comment settings, or assign a preview of the content to the front page.

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