New Users: Finding your login information

A very common question for new customers to InMotion Hosting is, “Where is my login information?” The login for your account starts with the Account Management Panel (AMP) – this is the area that contains your contact information and links to the Cpanel and Builder logins. You can even change your Cpanel password. However, make sure to first focus on getting into the Account Management Panel. This tutorial primarily focuses on the Account Management Panel (AMP) login. This login information is what you first receive when your InMotion Hosting account is first created.

Your First InMotion Login

Top of the AMP Login email for setting the password

When you finish the Sales process with InMotion, you will receive an email that will list the email address designated as your primary email contact and the link which begins the process to set your login password. All of the hosting types available with InMotion have a sales process and when it is complete, you are sent an email that tells you how to set your Account Management Panel (AMP) password. The second half of each of these emails will differ depending on the hosting type that you have selected. However, all of these emails will begin the same way.

First Step – Setup the Account Management Panel (AMP) Password

  1. Open the email that your received from sales and look for the line that reads, “To get started with AMP, click here.” Click on the link in the email (we unfortunately can’t have that link in this tutorial). If you did not get this email, or you’re having problems finding it, please call into technical support and they can re-send the AMP Login email for you.
  2. First time login - Account Management Panel Click in the Password field and type in your password. Note that the password is automatically rated and must be rated “good” in order to be saved.
  3. Once you have a good password, re-type it in the Confirm Password field in order to verify the password.
  4. Click SUBMIT in order to save your password.
  5. Click on LOGIN link to login to AMP for the first time After you have clicked on SUBMIT, you’ll see a screen that says “Your password has been set. You may now login. Click on the login link in order to login to AMP for the first time.
  6. Click on the AMP login The screen that next appears is the normal AMP login screen. Type in your email address and the password that you just set.
  7. This completes the login process. You will now be in the Account Management Panel (AMP).

If you are still having problems with the login, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our technical support staff is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

You’re Logged in, What can I do in AMP?

For more information on using AMP, please go to our AMP support page.

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