Restoring WordPress index files

A common technique for hackers is to target index files, such as index.php or index.html. Because index files usually load first when a website is visited, a hacked index file gives hackers a higher probability of their message / malicious code being loaded most often.

If you’re attempting to restore your WordPress site after a recent hack and need to restore your index files, it may not be as hard as you think. Most index files in WordPress are either:

  1. core WordPress files
  2. theme files

If you’re missing any core WordPress files, such as, you can simply download a copy of the version of WordPress you’re running and upload that index.php file to your account.

If you’re missing an index.php file from your theme, you can reinstall your theme again.

If you’ve made any changes to your index.php files, these techniques will not work for you. The average user however will not ever edit WordPress php files directly, so restoring hacked index.php files should be a simple procedure.

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