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In this article, we will teach you how to turn WordPress debugging on. With debugging turned on, it is much easier to locate any errors within your WordPress site as well as any plugins and themes that may be causing errors.

Enabling WordPress debugging within your wp-config.php using the cPanel File Manager

WordPress debugging is something that is enabled within your wp-config.php file. With just a simple edit to this file, you will be able to view any errors produced within WordPress.

  1. First, be sure that you are logged into cPanel.

  2. Now that you are logged into cPanel, look for the icon that says File Manager and click on it.

  3. Within your public_html directory, you will see a file labeled wp-config.php. Right-click on it, then click on Code Editor.

  4. At the bottom of your wp-config.php file, add the following lines:

    define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
    define( 'SCRIPT_DEBUG', true );

    The first line will cause WordPress to display any errors caused by various PHP functions that are built into WordPress. The second line will display any errors for WordPress' built-in JavaScript and CSS.

  5. After you have edited the wp-config.php file, be sure to save your changes by clicking on the Save Changes button at the top right of the file manager.

Now that the you have enabled debugging within WordPress, you should now be able to see any errors that are produced within your WordPress site.

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2018-01-21 11:07 am

You can use a plugin named "Enable WP_DEBUG from dashboard", without manual modification of wp-config.php.

n/a Points
2018-05-25 4:56 am

Not useful when the error prevents access to the dashboard

n/a Points
2017-06-07 3:34 am


Where did i post my own php files in wordpress

I am getting 404 page not found error

42,943 Points
2017-06-07 10:08 am
Hello Aadhi,

You can post your files in the same location as your WordPress installation files on the web server. If you're not familiar with how to find those files, then you may need to review the installation documentation for WordPress. The manual installation will be the easiest way to learn about where your WordPress files live.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.
n/a Points
2016-11-04 4:06 pm

So after I edited the wp-config.php and saved it, what the next process, whats the step 6? I just wait on my screen and see the errors?

2,858 Points
2016-11-04 4:11 pm
Mang, once you have edited the file you should be able to see any errors on your WordPress pages, if there are any. If you don't see any error messages, there may not be anything wrong.
13,821 Points
2016-09-20 7:55 am
It looks like you have not defined the action the button is supposed to take. I'd consider comparing it to another pages that works properly.
n/a Points
2016-07-13 5:48 am

This may sound dumb... where am I looking for the error's?  On the WP dashboard? 





42,943 Points
2016-07-13 2:24 pm
Hello Jo,

It's a good question! The debug option changes a number of behaviors and can also be modified even further. First, PHP errors may be displayed on the screen (front end or backend), and may also be recorded in the debug.log file in the wp-content folder. You can find out much more about the debug mode by reviewing this article.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Arnel C.
n/a Points
2016-09-20 5:01 am

Hi JO,I have some issue on my website.

Training tab-Courses-Autodesk

When user click on book, they got 404 issue on page.

Can you pleasehelpme out in this?



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2016-06-01 7:09 am

Can I enable wp debug in dashboard? my website has trouble in disaplying posts becasue they are blank even if tehre are contents.

43,761 Points
2016-06-01 10:59 am
There is not a setting for debug in the dashboard. The info above works well, though.
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2016-05-12 7:52 pm

well that didn't work either, gave me nothing but errors, my issue is with the new version of wordpress, my classified site was good with 4.5, but upgrade to 4.5.1 & 2 I get the auto draft message instead of the actual post, I just tried on my localhost site with older version of same theme and works great, but once update the wordpress I get auto draft..

31,595 Points
2016-05-12 8:13 pm
I recommend trying some of the other WordPress troubleshooting techniques to narrow down the cause.

What are the errors you are getting?

Best Regards,
n/a Points
2014-11-20 10:21 pm

after i put the code into the file.  how do i get the site to start the debugging process.  I dont' know what step to take next and I cannot locate the email any more.


Thank you for any and all assistance!

10,077 Points
2014-11-21 9:20 am
Hello Lea,

After turning on wordpress debugging, any php errors, warnings, or notices will be displayed. So essentially you would try to get an error for what ever the reason you needed the wordpress debugging on to start with.

Kindest Regards,
TJ Edens

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