Creating a CSR and Installing a Third Party SSL

You can purchase a dedicated SSL for your website either through InMotion Hosting or from a third party SSL vendor. This article focuses on the steps to take when ordering an SSL from a third party. If you would like to order an SSL through InMotion Hosting, please see our article on ordering an SSL certificate.

Request a CSR for a Third Party SSL

In order to properly key your website’s SSL, your third party vendor will need a CSR (Certificate Signing Request). This CSR needs to be generated for your website by us, and our Support Team will be happy to assist you with the creation of your CSR. To request your CSR, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Account Management Panel (AMP).
  2. 1 click csr request

    Select the Simple CSR Request for 3rd party SSL icon.

  3. The next page will provide some information, to help you decide if you need a CSR. Click the Request a CSR button to continue.
  4. 3 enter domain

    Enter the domain name in the field and click Continue. You may enter either the www or non-www version (ex: or as our provider will issue an SSL that works for both.

  5. 4 fill out form

    Here is the form you will need to complete. Certificate Name will be the domain name you entered in the step above.Company Name is required, but can simply be set to ‘Unknown’ for personally owned sites. Company Division can be left blank as it is not required. Once you have completed the form, click the Next button.

Installation of your Third Party SSL

Once your CSR request is submitted, our Support Team will respond via email with your CSR. The email should be the one referenced by the SSL and not necessarily with the primary email address on the hosting account. You will then provide the CSR to your SSL vendor so they can properly key your SSL. When you receive the SSL from your vendor, please respond to our email and attach your SSL. Our Support Team will then install your third party SSL.

Wildcard SSL Installations

You can have Wildcard SSL certificates installed on VPS or Dedicated servers. We do not sell Wildcard SSL certificates, so you will need to contact a 3rd party SSL provider to obtain one. Also, Wildcard SSL certificates cannot be installed on shared hosting plans.

Important! In order to install a Wilcard certificates on VPS and Dedicated server, that each site needs to be on a separate cpanel account in order for us to install the certificate on your server.

To have a Wildcard SSL installed, you will need a CSR generated for each domain on your server that will use the Wildcard SSL. You then take the CSR and key the Wildcard certificate for each domain. You then email the CRT to support for installation. We install the same certificate to each cPanel account you created for each domain that will use the SSL.

How do I check on the status of my CSR request?

There is no need to check on the status of a CSR, since you will be emailed to the email address referenced by the SSL immediately, when it is generated.

Here is some additional information: When you request a CSR, it creates a ticket for Tech Support. They answer these tickets in the order they are received, and you will get an email as soon as your CSR is generated.

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John-Paul is an Electronics Engineer that spent most of his career in IT. He has been a Technical Writer for InMotion since 2013.

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Thoughts on “Creating a CSR and Installing a Third Party SSL

    • Not sure what you mean. We do offer a paid installation for third-party SSLs (like extended validation and more specific types of SSL certificates) as a service, but we offer free SSL as well.

  • Is there any plan to integrate Let’s Encrypt ( into your shared hosting environment?

    • There is currently not a plan to integrate this on shared, but you can absolutely install this on VPS/Dedicated servers.

      Thank you,

  • I’d be moving to Inmotion hosting from ipage soon. You guys offer an option for a 3rd party SSL installation and more.

  • I have reseller hosting with you that I use for my web design clients. With some now requesting the https, I do not see reason why I should pay $25 for installing a 3rd party SSl cert when I know how to do it and it wont take me 5mins. Please can I just get dedicatd IP for each domain and install my SSL myself.

  • SSL certificates require a dedicated IP address at a cost of $2.00 per month, billed yearly for $24.00. With all SSL certificates (ordered through us or through a third party vendor) there is a one-time $25 installation fee.

    Why do I need a dedicated IP. I read on a few websites from companies selling SSL that you don’t need one.

  • I got a certificate from StartCom and generated the CSR from cPanel under the SSL/TLS Manager.  Everything worked and I was able to upload the certificate but when I try to go to the https of my site I get an SSL Connection Error ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR.  Am I missing a step?

  • Actually it is much faster to generate the CSR from within the WHM of your hosting account then you get it almost instantly. 

    • I tried to generate the CSR through AMP for a wildcard domain but * in the domain name field won’t be accepted. How can I get this done?

    • In that case, what should I do about the CSR, should I just give the parent domain “”, or any of the subdomains? I’m getting the SSL through a 3rd party who will be able to provide me wildcard SSL.

  • Hi, i would like to ask something if you dont mind please. How long will it take to be installed 3d party SSL, cos im awaiting second day already.

    Thank you

  • Hi John-Paul,

    So, let’s say I already have a *working* WordPress Multisite installation set up on my VPS, with all its subsites working properly on subdomains of the same parent domain.  (Which is actually the case.)

    In this situation, if I order a wildcard certificate for the parent domain, can I expect that InMotion will be able to install it on the relevant CPanel account, and that my *working* WordPress Multisite installation and all its *working* sub-sites will be able to use it?



    • Hello K,

      Thank you for your question. Yes, InMotion Hosting can install a wildcard SSL, and your subdomains will be able to use it.

      Thank you,

  • Re wildcard SSL certificates, you say:

    Important! In order to install a Wilcard certificates on VPS and Dedicated server, that each site needs to be on a separate cpanel account in order for us to install the certificate on your server.

    A common use-case for subdomains would be a WordPress multisite installation, with a single parent WordPress install on the main domain, and a lot of subsites set up within it on,,

    Obviously, this is a case where you can’t possibly put all the different subdomains in different CPanel installations, because they’re running from within the same single WordPress installation.

    My question is – is it possible to use a wildcard certificate in this situation to secure both the installation itself and the subsites within it?  So,, etc can all use the same wildcard certificate and will work properly?


    • Hello K,

      Thank you for contacting us. Yes, you can setup a WildCard Subdomain in cpanel, but you will have to purchase the WilCard SSL from a 3rd party, since we do not provide this.

      This is a good option if your sites are pretty minimal (Landing page, or online Business card), or you are very familiar with WordPress Multisites. This is because multisite problems tend to be more difficult to troubleshoot and resolve, than a standard WordPress installation.

      Otherwise, it may be easier to purchase a Reseller account, and create separate cPanels for each WordPress website.

      Thank you,

  • Is there a fee to renew a 3rd party SSL Cert? I am new to Inmotion my current SSL Cert from comodo bought through my previous host Bluehost I will have to renew. I paid the $25 to have this one installed. When I renew (new cert) will I have to then AGAIN pay this $25!? 


    • Hello Randy,

      Thank you for your question. There is a 1-time installation fee of $25 when we install the SSL. This will only be charged once.

      There is also a $2/month charge for the dedicated IP address, which comes to $24/year. This will be charged yearly.

      If you have any further questions, fee free to post them below.

      Thank you,

    • Hello M. Leung,

      Thanks for the question. SSL certificates are finite meaning that they have an expiration date. Therefore, there is a renewal process. There is a few associated with the renewal. This cost my vary depending on where and what you purchased for your SSL certificate. For example, if you purchased the SSL Certificate from InMotion, then it is typically $99.99 per year.

      I hope that helps to answer your question. Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments.

      Arnel C.

  • Here’s another suggested clarification.  When you request a CSR and are asked to fill in the information about the domain you are seeking to secure, you are cautioned that the info you fill in will be validated against the WHOIS information for the domain.  My domain is registered at Hover, and apparently there’s some sort of domain privacy on it, so my registrar’s contact information was gathered from the WHOIS and pre-filled in the form.  Having just been warned that whatever I entered would be checked against the WHOIS, I left it that way.  That was Friday the 19th.

    Today, the 22nd, I wrote to check on my CSR request and was told it had been cancelled because the information I put in the form didn’t check out.  So I submitted a new request, this time ignoring the pre-filled info from the WHOIS and putting our actual info in there.

    I have NO idea when they cancelled my CSR request, but I know they didn’t bother to tell me until I asked about the status.  This is a time-sensitive web site move for me, and I could have saved a couple of days if I’d known about the problem.

    • Hello Tracey,

      Sorry to hear about the trouble you experienced. We are actually in the process of re-wording the section regarding “the info you fill in will be validated against the WHOIS information for the domain.”

      The main thing for the CSR is that it is generated with valid information (or business information) for the person requesting it. Since private Whois registration usually uses the registrar’s contact info, it would not be valid for you or your business.

      Sorry you were not notified about the original CSR cancellation. The email notification should have been automatically generated by the system, and sent. It is also possible it got stopped by a spam filter/rule (you may have to check your spam box) or there was an email issue at the time.

      I see when it was requested with accurate Whois information, your CSR was generated and sent within 4 minutes. You should be able to proceed with your SSL installation at this time.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

      Thank you,

  • The article is helpful, but I noticed two things that would be VERY helpful to know while doing this process.

    1.) Under “Installation of your Third Party SSL” and “How do I check on the status”  you should include the fact that you email the CSR to the email address associated with the SSL certificate, NOT the email address on file with the InMotion Hosting account. This will inform your customers of what to expect.

    My experience – I requested a CSR yesterday via my account at at 9:28 AM CDT and assumed that it would take a few hours to work through the queue. I still had not received the emailed CSR info at 9:58 AM CDT today, so I called tech support. My email account is on file with InMotion Hosting since I am handling this migration for our company. I am really frustrated that I waited all day yesterday for the CSR to arrive, only to find out today that it WAS emailed yesterday at 10:48 AM to my boss’s email address (it’s associated with the SSL certificate). If I had known to expect the CSR to arrive at her account, I would have communicated with her to forward it to me. She went on vacation yesterday afternoon and I do not have access to her email. I have since received the CSR from a helpful tech agent (Sean B), but this information about where it was emailed would have been incredibly helpful yesterday.

    2.) Clarify these instructions: “When you receive the SSL from your vendor, please respond to our email and attach your SSL.” You should tell the customer to email [email protected] with the subject “SSL install” instead of responding to “our email” – tech agent Sean B advised me of this. Also, you should tell the customer to include their verification code to verify the account (either last 4 of credit card on file or the AMP password). If they don’t include that phrase in their support email, the response will be delayed. Lastly, the customer should include that they authorize the charges for the install and the dedicated IP address to be charged to the credit card on file – again, so as not to delay the process.

    I appreciate the assistance I’ve received from tech support, but I do feel that if these pieces of information had been available in your support articles, I would not have needed to call them so many times during this process.


    Thank you!


    • Hello Erin,

      Thank you so much for your suggestions for improvement to the article. We will implement your first item immediately. As for the second item, responding to our email directly is the current best way and preferref policy. The reason is it would already be considered verified and ready to go, avoiding all the other details required in sending a fresh request. I will speak with the Support Supervisors to see if they wish to change that policy. If so, we will certainly reflect that in the article.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

    • I completely, 100% agree with everything Erin suggested in her response.. Not bashing the customer service from anyone at all, because mainly it seems like a process/software issue. I’ve had the exact same thing has happened to me multiple times during my switch over to IMH. Following all the instructions I submit requests for migrations, Simple CSR requests, Dedicated IP’s, etc. around 9-10AM in the morning, only to wake up the following day with emails saying in order to continue with your order, please verify your account.
      E.g. After emailing back and forth about migrating my website, I finally was able to get the order to go through with support to get it moved only to be delayed day after day for one thing after another. One of the delays were due to me receiving directions on how to migrate my site manually and to contact support if I felt I needed help doing so. I then responded that morning just to verify that everything was still set to go like the 3 or 4 prior emails discussed.. The response that came the following morning was that my site migration had been delayed due to me sending a response associated with my site move, as it was being moved to the back of the queue with how the system works. (I only replied to the out of context email that I got!)..

      What ticketing system are you guys running over there? It seems as if there are huge communication breakdowns between night/day staffing and/or poor relational data views for your ticket responses and statuses. Being 10 minutes away from your VA Beach location, I’d rather come and drop off sticky notes for my tickets! lol

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