Rename Your CMS Made Simple Admin URL

Along with forcing HTTPS, renaming your admin login URL helps fight against brute force login attacks. Below we cover how to rename your CMS Made Simple admin login page.

Warning! You’ll need to undo the changes below before upgrades. After the upgrade, you can revert the changes to your preferred URL.

Rename Admin Folder

  1. Log into cPanel File Manager, FTP, or SSH.
  2. Navigate to your root CMS Made Simple directory.
  3. Rename the /admin folder to your preferred name.
  4. Edit the config.php file.
  5. Add $config[‘admin_dir’] =”yourfoldername“; to the bottom just above ?>.
  6. Change the admin name in your robots.txt file if applicable.
  7. Log into CMSMS using[yourfoldername].

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