Security Update: Firewalls have been updated

We have recently been thoroughly reviewing security measures in place across our entire network. Among several of the steps we’re taking, we are tightening our firewall settings.

Shared Servers

A new extensive rule set for shared server firewalls has just been deployed. The new rules are “locked down” to prevent both external and internal intrusions from recurring. While we don’t want to release too much specific information to the public (for security reasons), the changes have included:

  • port specific ‘allow rules’
  • the removal of our network ranges ( to prevent server to server access)

VPS and Dedicated Servers

Similar to the changes for our Shared Servers, VPS and Dedicated Servers are having firewall settings adjusted as well. Please note however that these changes:

  • will not prevent servers from communicating with each other over standard ports (MySQL, WHM, ftp, email, etc)
  • previous allow rules that you’ve added will not be lost

If you have more than one server with us and previously utilized SSH (or any other restricted port) to communicate between them, you will now need to explicitly allow each of your servers’ IP addresses in the firewall. You can do this via the “Add IP to Firewall” section of your WHM.

The updates to VPS and Dedicated Servers will begin during the evening of October 13, 2011.

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