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caldav support?

yambu 7 years ago in General Information 0
I'd like to be able to initiate or accept caldav (iCal) meeting invitations from my inmotion hosted email address. That is, when I create an invitation on my calendar in iOS or iCal on the mac and send it to an invitee, I'd like the "from" address to be my email address hosted by inmotion. I'd also like to be able to accept invitations and have the acceptance message come from the same email address.

Right now, I'm stuck with doing this from my gmail calendar. That calendar supports caldav, so I can initiate and accept invitations from my devices using my gmail address -- but others see them as coming from my personal email address. In some cases, I can't accept others' invitations sent to my inmotion hosted address, because they can only be accepted by the recipient they're intended for, and inmotion provides no way to accept invitations.

Until inmotion decides to support caldav, Is there a way to use an external service for this -- e.g., a caldav hosting service? I've tried fruux, which works sort of, but my invitees see the invite coming from fruux.com, even though my inmotion hosted email address is listed as the meeting organizer.

Deleting Website and Files from Addon

jimii 7 years ago in General Information 0
I used my account to draft / develop an initial website concept and content. Its no longer needed as Ive set it up as a separate account with you folks. All files backed up and would like to now simply delete the addon url and wp files. Am i correct to do the following: In Cpanel Delete the Site's / URL's directory in Public HTML and then delete the addon in the cpanel addon account panel? Is that it?

Can I buy a static IP address for my website>

chengdupaulyin 7 years ago in General Information 0
I'm told that there are two IP addressed included in my VPS account. But these two IPs are for me only, or shared with other websites?

If theses are shared IPs, can I buy extra static IP addresses for my websites?

Thank you very much!

2 x wordpress installations to 2 different domains.... have I done this correctly?

Paul_Haze 7 years ago in General Information 0
Hi there,

So this is my first time attempting this and I wanted to make sure I was going about it right before I go too far down the track.

I am attempting to setup 2 websites - hazyshots.com (for my photography) and hazybeats.com (for my music productions). I have registered both names with namecheap.com and have updated namecheaps DNS Servers to point to inmotions DNS.

Now this is where I am a teensty bit confused. Hazyshots.com is my 'main' domain, and hazybeats.com is an add-on domain. I have installed wordpress in both the main directory AND within the hazybeats directory. Now, once the DNS servers have been updated and hazyshots and hazybeats are pointing to inmotion, will it automatically know which site to head to? And is it a case of simply uploading the themes that I want into their respective directories and away I go?

Apologies if some of my terminology is out. It seems a lot of the help regarding adding domains on the site is geared towards domin names bought through inmotion, which is why I am a little confused as I have bought my domains elsewhere. Thanks for any help......

How do I add a Site/domain name to my existing Power web hosting Account?

Aqmike 7 years ago in General Information 0
How do I have multiple sites with different domain names.


cadman 7 years ago in General Information 0
I find readable tutorials at the support tutortial site but WHERE are the videos. I want to see how it's done and read when necessary

How to login to cpanel

I'm a new user. I successfully logged in to AMP and tried to login to cpanel with the same password. That did not work.
What am I doing wrong?

Restricting messages received into e-mail account inbox

PaulTheMick 7 years ago in General Information 0
I use MS Outlook 2010 as my e-mail client to access my IMH accounts. Let's suppose I have three:
I now want to receive e-mail into the inbox of, say, yyyy@domain.com, only from 1234@xyzzy.net, abcd@buba.org and uncle@sam.gov, and trash everything else...automatically...without affecting xxxx@domain.com and zzzz@domain.com.
I have not been able to figure out how to accomplish such on the Outlook client side. So...can I make this happen on the IMH server side using one of the e-mail account "configurer's" available on cPanel?

Website Billing Renewal Payment

cvrimages 7 years ago in General Information 0
I just got a reminder that my subscription will expire in 30 days. We plan on using a different hosting company. I just want to make sure its not going to try to take the renewal payment automatically. I know some places do that. I couldn't find anywhere in my AMP that says if you guys do this.