How to Add the Backup Manager to an Existing Account

It can happen to anyone at any time. Your website gets hacked or is infected with malware. Or maybe it was an update performed or new installation compatibility issues. Whatever the cause, backing up your website regularly ensures that if there’s ever a problem, your data and files will be safe and restorable.

Although we no longer offer a free automated backup service, Shared Hosting customers – including WordPress and Reseller hosting – may purchase our automated Backup Manager in Account Management Panel (AMP).

This operates as a server-level website backup tool and ensures your WordPress backup – or other website backup tools – won’t be a single point of failure.

Below we’ll cover how to purchase Backup Manager in AMP.

Note: Per our updated Terms of Service regarding backups and the Backup Manager Product as of May 2019:
While InMotion Hosting maintains the previously stated backups for clients choosing to subscribe to Backup Manager, InMotion Hosting assumes no liability as to the availability or completeness of client data backups. Each client is expected and encouraged to maintain backup copies of their own data.

Purchase Backup Manager

  1. Log into AMP.
  2. Click MarketPlace at the top.
  3. Click Automated Backups.
    Backup Manager in AMP MarketPlace
  4. Read the terms and click Add to Cart.
    Backup Manager Options
  5. Confirm your payment details, agree to the Terms of Service, then click Submit.

Learn more within our Backup Manager Education Channel, or check out how to optimize Backup Manager.

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