InMotion recharges at local WordPress Meetup

I’m always trying to expand my knowledge on all sorts of web related topics, but sometimes after intense Googling sessions and learning things on your own, you can get disconnected with people’s needs who haven’t learned the same things, and need to get recharged.

That’s why we get out in the community and connect with real people, with real problems and questions, to better prepare our support for your hosting issues. Not to mention handing out awesome free swag like our cool little universal cell-phone charger/data cable here!

Yesterday July 16th, I went to a local WordPress Hampton Roads Meetup group, to learn about basic WordPress theme customizations from Melodie Laylor (@melodielaylor) a local freelance web designer and organizer of these events. Thanks very much to Melodie as well as the Virgina Beach Central Library for hosting this great event!

I was joined by Arnel C., Aimeelyn D., and Michael S. from InMotion, as well as a nice sized group of local WordPress enthusasists willing and eager to learn some new stuff! One of the WordPress users I connected with was Anne Harriman with and I’ll update this article with more as I get in contact or permission from the other attendees.

We learned about child themes for WordPress, and how to overide a theme’s look without messing up the original. We were introduced to a plugin called One-Click Child Theme which made the process very simple as well.

It was great getting to talk to people in the local community interested in WordPress, there were also some great general website and hosting questions I was glad to answer!

We will be continuing to reach out and connect with people that need website help, and in the near future looking into hosting Meetup events here in-house at the VA Beach offices.

If you’re interested in hosting an event with InMotion Hosting, please contact me over social media to discuss:

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