Is your site down and registered with Network Solutions?

Issue:Your domain is registered with Network Solutions, and will not load.
Status:Fully resolved
Who is impacted?People with domains registered with Network Solutions
You can see where your domain is registered by performing a Whois lookup.
Estimated time until resolution:Resolved July 17, 2013


UPDATE Network Solutions has updated their Facebook page with the following information:

The recent DDOS attack affecting some customers has now been mitigated. Customer websites should be resolving normally, and you should be able to readily access the Network Solutions site. If you continue to have issues, please contact our Customer Service team at 1-866-391-4357. Thanks to everyone for their patience as we resolved this issue.


Network Solutions is being affected by a DDOS attack. If your domain is registered through them, you may be unable to reach your website currently. They should have this corrected soon, but you will need to contact them for additional information.

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