East Coast Data Center Network Maintenance

Planned Maintenance:In an effort to improve stability in connections to the East Coast Data Center and increase redundancy, maintenance is being performed by our Data Center Technicians.
When Will This Occur?:January 29th, 30th, and 31st from 11 PM – 4 AM (EST).
Who Will be Impacted?:Only customer accounts that are hosted on a server housed in the East Coast Data Center will be impacted. Although downtime is expected to be minimal, connectivity to the East Coast Data Center, during these times, may be intermittently interrupted.
Where is My Server Located?:For more information on how to determine which Data Center your server is located in, you can use our guide on How to Determine Your Server Location.
How Can I Check the Status?:During the timeframes indicated above, for the latest updates on the progress of this maintenance, visit Our Status Page
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0 thoughts on “East Coast Data Center Network Maintenance

  1. Can you please tell me if the service interuptions are expected to be 1 minute at a time or hours at a time. How often is it going to affect each VPS – once or multiple times?  Also are those service interuptions  expected at all hours between 11pm on the 29th to 4 am on the 31st?  I ask becuase I host an application on your platform and this long and unpredictiable schedule could make saving data unreliable. 


    1. It is only expected to be down for 2-3 minutes while the iBGP tables coverage at some time during the maintenance window, It is possible, however, unlikely that more intermittent connection could happen during that time if they discover anything else that needs to be done during that time.

  2. Just to clarify, on the first day, the work will begin on 11pm Monday January 29th? Or is it beginning 11pm Sunday and going until 4am Monday?

    1. Yes, on the first day the work will begin on 11 pm Monday, January 29th and will go until 4 am Tuesday, January 30.

      Thank you,

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