Understanding WordPress User Roles and Capabilities

In this tutorial, we’re going to discuss user roles and capabilities in WordPress. Your new website comes with the ability to register and edit an unlimited number of users. Users can be subscribers, contributors, authors, administrators, or anything you want. Managing user roles is a powerful administrative task. WordPress gives you the power to determine Read More >

Using Single Sign-On for WordPress for Small Businesses

We understand the frustration of having to remember so many usernames/password combinations. BoldGrid normally requires separate login credentials. But we’ve developed a Single Sign-On (SSO) function enabling you to access your WordPress for Small Business website directly from your Account Management Panel (AMP) login. How to Use Single Sign-On (SSO) Log into AMP – https://inmotionhosting.com/amp. Read More >

Why Security is Important for Small Business Websites

Security is an important ongoing task when you create a website, with or without an e-commerce store. Cyber attacks aren’t slowing down. But you don’t want your small business slowing down as a result to this. And it doesn’t have to. There’s always news covering the consequences of businesses being hacked for personally identifiable information Read More >