How to make a VirtueMart 3 menu in Joomla

After installing VirtueMart 3 in Joomla, you may want to make a Menu item that takes visitors to your online store. This will help people navigate to specific pages within your VirtueMart 3 e-commerce website. We also have a guide on How to Make VirtueMart 3 your Front Page in Joomla. Making a VirtueMart 3 Read More >

How to Make VirtueMart 3 your Front Page

In this tutorial: Create a VirtueMart Menu Item Set Virtuemart as your Default Menu After installing VirtueMart 3, often you will want to set it as the main front page of your website. This will cause your VirtueMart store to load when people navigate to your website, and they will not have to click a Read More >

How to Install VirtueMart 3

In this tutorial: Installing VirtueMart 3 Enabling Database Update Tools Setting the Safe Path In this tutorial we will show you how to install VirtueMart 3 in Joomla 3. After installing VirtueMart 3 we will complete the setup by enabling Database Update Tools, and setting up a Safe folder path. You can then begin creating Read More >