Webmail – Sending and Receiving Email with Your Web Browser

Webmail is a tool that allows you to send and receive email from your web browser. The tutorial below will explain the basics of webmail.

Accessing webmail from your browser

To access your webmail, you will need to do the following.

  1. First visit https://example.com/webmail. Please be sure to replace example.com with your actual domain name.
  2. When you access this page, it will then prompt you for a username and password.

    Important!The username will be the FULL email address of the account you want to log into, and the password is the password you created for that email account when it was initially created within cPanel.

  3. If you do not remember this password, you can reset it by logging into the Email Accounts section of your cPanel and clicking the Change Password link next to the email account in question.

For additional information, see our full guide on How to log in to Webmail.

Webmail program options

Once you have logged in successfully, you will see two options:

  • Horde
  • RoundCube

These two webmail applications allow you to send and receive email. They all show you the same email, but different webmail applications are provided as a convenience.

Both webmail applications have a different look and feel to the way they work, and some users prefer one over the other.

Webmail AutoLoad

Webmail includes an AutoLoad option. If you find yourself using the same Webmail interface each time you check your email, such as SquirrelMail, you can enable that particular Webmail interface to load automatically the next time you log into Webmail.

To enable AutoLoad, click “Enable AutoLoad” under the Webmail interface of your choice (Horde, SquirrelMail, or RoundCube). You will then be asked to enter the number of seconds to wait until that Webmail interface is loaded the next time you log in.

Note! If you enter 5, for example, the initial Webmail page will show for 5 seconds until your chosen Webmail interface auto loads.

To cancel the AutoLoad, click the “Stop” button when you see the message that states your selected Webmail interface is about to load, and then click Disable AutoLoad.

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5 thoughts on “Webmail – Sending and Receiving Email with Your Web Browser

  1. I’m using Chrome for webmail. A very annoying thing is that if I switch away from my webmail tab for just a couple minutes, it logs me out. I don’t see any mention of help for that issue in InMotion support.

    1. I have not seen Webmail log out of the session in Chrome without one of the following conditions:

      -Clearing of the cache
      -Sign into cPanel/Webmail for another account

      Are you experiencing this logging out when you are using another browser?

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