Updating your MX records if you use a Third Party Filtering Service

Some businesses may find the need to use a third party filtering service such as Postini, to filter their emails. If you are using such a service, you’ll need to make sure to set up the MX records to deliver the emails to their servers first. Once the emails are filtered through their servers the messages will be forwarded on to our servers and delivered locally.

If you are updating your domain’s nameservers you’ll need to retrieve the MX records you previously used. Once you have the MX records that need to be created. You can follow the steps in our article on modifying MX records. Your MX records will look something like these:


Please do not use these records because they will not work. You must get your MX records from the filtering service provider.

Also when you’re following the instructions on how to modify your MX records, it’s important to leave the Email Routing option selected as Local Mail Exchanger if you’re setting up a 3rd party filtering service. So that when they attempt to deliver the mail back to our server it knows to accept them as a local delivery.

Please keep in mind, any change to DNS records such as MX records can take up to 24 hours to fully propagate. Also, You will want to make sure you remove any current MX records and replace them with your filtering service’s MX records.

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact our support department.

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