How to Set Up your Email in Outlook 2011 for Mac

Outlook 2011 is a version of Microsoft Outlook available for the Mac computer. You can set up Outlook 2011 as an email client to send and receive email from your email hosted at InMotion Hosting.

First, you will need to log into Outlook 2011. Next, we will go through the steps to add a new account:

If you are unsure what your email settings are, you can find them with our Email Configuration tool.

  1. Click on Tools, and then Accounts….
  2. On the Add an Account menu, click E-mail
  3. Enter your full email address and password on the next screen and click Add Account

Once the account is added, you will fill in the information for the new email account.

Pesonal Information

Account DescriptionThis is the name your mail will show as in your Microsoft Office inbox.
Full nameInsert your full name here, as this is the name that will show when you send email
E-mail addressPut in your full email address, for example [email protected]

Server Information

User nameThis will be your full email address. For example, [email protected]. Make sure to include the full address, including the
PasswordThis is the password for the email account you listed above, not your cPanel password.
Incoming Mail ServerIf your domain points to InMotion Hosting, the incoming mail server is
Outgoing Mail ServerThis will be the same as your Incoming Mail Server, Make sure it is using Port 465.

As Outlook recommends, check the boxes that say Use SSL to connect. After confirming the information click on red circle at the top left to close the window. To confirm the account was added, check your Outlook Inbox. There you will see listed the account you just added with your Account Description.

Congratulations, you have added your email account to Outlook 2011! If you have any problems setting up the account, double-check all your settings. If the settings are correct, check out our articles on troubleshooting issues sending email or receiving email.

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28 thoughts on “How to Set Up your Email in Outlook 2011 for Mac

  1. Ever since we switched to the new email server I’ve been able to send emails but not receive them on Office 365 running on a MacBookPro and a MiniMac. Same results as on the iPhone. I’ve unselected Spam, Set up accounts using POP, IMAP, SMTP and Non-SSL. IMAP is what’s set up at the moment. Does the issue have anything to do with the nameservers?

    1. You will definitely want to make sure that the nameservers are configured properly for the domain. Nevertheless, the server move was likely to have affected the client configurations. I advise contacting Live Support so they can help check the server logs for specific error messages.

  2. Hi …

    I am using mail for macpro but I need to change to micrsoft outlook 2016 , can I get help as I tried many times but didnt work.


    1. Hello Husam,

      Sorry for the problem with Mail. I own a Macbook Pro running the latest version of Sierra. I have Mail loaded (primarily to troubleshoot mail issues like this). I have also loaded Microsoft Outlook 2016 to test. Both applications were working for me. If you can give us a description of how you’re using the programs and what you’re doing to get the error, then can investigate the issue in more depth.

      Please provide us some further information regarding your problem and hopefully, we can find a resolution.

      If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

      Arnel C.

  3. I use Outlook 2011 for Mac – every couple of days I’m unable to send or receive email.

    It’s very frustrating, especially since the server email choices are not business friendly.

    I’m using Ports 993 (incoming) and 465 (outgoing).

    What is the solution to this problem?  

    1. I recommend reviewing the mail logs around the time you are experiencing issues for additional errors or specific clues into your connection. The cPanel logs every incoming and outgoing connection attempt and transmissions.

      Thank you,

  4. I recently had to uninstall my previous Microsoft Windows due to my email crashing, and with my new license/install, none of my emails came through. I am wondering if they are lost forever, or if someone knows of a way to retrieve them. 


    Thank you in advance,


  5. I have a user setting up Outlook 2011 for Mac and continually recieves this error message:

    A secure connection cannot be established with the server because its intermediate or root certificate cannot be found.

    Options are Show Certificate (but cant find it to display), Cancel or continue.  Continue will not allow any mail to arrive.


    Any Ideas?  I’m at witts end with this one.

    1. Hello Jason,

      Sorry for the problem with the certificate. It’s basically an issue where Outlook refuses to acknowledge the self-signed certificate being used on the InMotion server. The problem is that in order to have a specific one, you need to purchase one specifically for your domain. You should also be able to select and look at the details of the certificate being used when trying to confirm the identity of the server. Once you show it, you should be able to click on “always trust” when looking a the details of the certificate. When you select these options in the certificate, make sure that your certificate is correctly referring to the server where your mail is coming from. You can see an example of what I’m talking about here.

      I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

      Arnel C.

  6. I tried to send out approximately 400 emails from my Outlook but got many sent back saying:

    has exceeded the max emails per hour (313/250 (125%)) allowed

    Is this an InMotion hosting account level limit or an Outlook limitation?

    Thanks, Paul

    1. Hello Paul,

      Thank you for contacting us about a “exceeded the max emails per hour” error. There is a default limit of 250 email per hour, which is covered in our guide Domain has exceeded the max emails per hour.

      You could space the emails out over a period of time, instead. For example, 200 per hour would allow you to send 4800 emails in a day.

      Another option would be to request an hourly email exemption request. This will allow you to raise the hourly email to something that better suits your needs.

      Thank you,

  7. Hi,


    I have problem with set up outlook for more accounts. All incoming email put into one inbox.

    Could you help me? 🙂


    Thanks. Michal

    1. Hello mowafak,

      Thank you for contacting us . Since you are having problems on the first step, I would suspect the client first.

      Have you tried restarting Outlook, or even your computer?

      Do you have any other existing accounts, if so make sure they are not stuck in the middle of processing something. For example, an email attempting to send with a large attachment.

      Thank you,

  8. Hello

    I just bought my new Mac Air and click tools and do not see anything close to ‘accounts’ please help


    1. Hello Randy,

      Are you using Outlook 2011 for Mac? It looks like MacBook Air might come with another version of Outlook in which you’d want to follow these steps to setup an account:

      1. Click on the Outlook menu at the top-left, then Preferences
      2. Under the Personal Settings section, click on Accounts
      3. On the Add an Account screen, click on E-mail Account

      Then you would just follow the steps as normal to configure your email account.

      Please let us know if you’re still having any issues getting this setup. You can also login to webmail in the meantime to directly check your mail on the server.

      – Jacob

  9. Your technical support representative and the support documents he sent along were very helpful.


    Thank you!


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