Outlook 2010: Accessing Account Settings

Often, it will be necessary to review your account settings in Outlook 2010. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to access the account settings for the Outlook 2010 email client. If by chance you are looking for the set up guide please see our setup guide for Outlook 2010.  To review the account settings, you will first need to open Outlook 2010:


Once you have Outlook 2010 open, click on the “file” tab on the top left labeled “File“:


Then, select “account settings” as highlighted in the screenshot below and click on the popup box:


Now, you will see all the email accounts you have set up in Outlook. 


Double-click on the account you wish to view the account settings for:


On this following screenshot you can edit your incoming and outgoing servers, email address and login information:


If you click on “More Settings” in the lower right corner you will be able to see more details about your account:


Click on the “Outgoing Server” tab and it will display settings for the outgoing (SMTP) server.


Next, click on “Advanced“. The advanced tab will display the port numbers to use for incoming and outgoing mail.


Congratulations! At this point you should know how to review all the account settings associated with your email account in Outlook 2010. 

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      1. Sept 12, the link is still wrong. There is no instruction for 2016, and the screens are different from 2010.

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