Mac Mail – Cannot Send Message Using the server

Email Client:Mac Mail
Error Message:Cannot send message using the SMTP server


Solution:You will need to update the SMTP server settings – most likely you’re dealing with a port 25 blocking issue. If you are using a SSL on your site you can use the SSL port 465. Make sure the box to use SSL is checked. If not, you can use port 587 and leave the box unchecked.

The correct ports are below:

Non-SSL outgoing SMTP: 587

SSL enabled outgoing SMTP: 465

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6 thoughts on “Mac Mail – Cannot Send Message Using the server

  1. i’m need to send a “global” email to approx 135 users.  As i’ve had this problem before, (Cannot send message using the server Hotmail), I’ve been forced to break up the number of users per send.  Two the of iterations worked fine, the third and the smallest received the error and won’t continue.  tried using all the different ports lised on the support website with no success.  This problem persists everytime i’m required to send out a global email.  getting kinda tired of it.  Could use some help.



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