How to Filter Emails for an IP Range

If you need to filter or block multiple IP addresses, it can sometimes be much quicker and more efficient to block an IP range. In this article, we will show you how you can block an entire range of IPs from sending mail to your email addresses using cPanel and regular expressions.

What is an IP range?

An IP range is exactly that. It is simply a group of IP addresses between one address and another. For example, many consumer routers will assign IP addresses between and The group of IP addresses between, and including these two addresses, would be an IP range.

  1. cPanel login screenLog into cPanel
  2. Email filters iconUnder Email choose Email Filters
  3. manage filters linkFor the example email account choose Manage Filters
  4. create a new filter optionClick Create a New Filter
  5. new filter settingsFill in the dropdown fields. For the From field, choose Any header. For the second dropdown, choose Matches regex
  6. add ruleHere you will add your rule, which will look similar to this:

  7. Actions dropdownChoose an action for this filter. (You will most likely want to Discard the message, but you can also filter it to a folder.)
  8. blue create buttonClick Create

Well done on completion of this tutorial. You now know how to filter an IP range.

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4 thoughts on “How to Filter Emails for an IP Range

    1. Hello John,
      Sorry to hear about your troubles with this guide. What specific issues are you having? The cPanel email log is a good way to track an email once it gets to your server. Any incoming or outgoing transmission will be marked by username (email address), action (such as accepted by recipient server), and include a specific timestamp.
      If you are using a CMS such as WordPress, a plugin or addon can be used to view your Mail logs. For example, you can use WP Mail logging in WordPress.
      Our live support team will be happy to help you review the email log if you are trying to narrow down an email location or issue.
      Thank you,

    1. If you have issues, I recommend checking your mail log for troubleshooting. You can also contact our Live Support directly.

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