How to use the Horde Notepad

In this article: Find Notes Create a Note Create Notepad Share a Notepad One of the features of the Horde Webmail client is its ability to store and share information between users of a particular domain. For example, the notepad feature allows you can create a notepad, add and save notes, then share the notepad Read More >

How to Backup Emails with Horde

You can create data backups at every level of web hosting – Webhost Manager (WHM) on VPS Hosting, cPanel on all Shared Hosting plans, and many popular content management systems (CMSs) including WordPress and OpenCart 3.0. Users with Webmail access, but not cPanel, should know how – and be encouraged – to save their data Read More >

Logging into Horde

In this tutorial, we will show you how to log into the Horde Webmail client. Horde, along with RoundCube, and SqirrelMail is one of the most popular Webmail clients. Since Horde uses IMAP, the emails are stored on the server by default. This allows you to send and receive email from any internet connection without Read More >