What is Write Freely?

What is Write Freely?

Write Freely is a content management system that focuses on long form written blog content. Write Freely also connects to the ActivityPub protocol, which means your user account on Write Freely can interact with other open source social network apps like Mastodon, GNU Social, Pleroma, and many others. Installing custom software like Write Freely requires a cloud, unmanaged, or cPanel VPS server.

The front page of Write Freely.

The Write Freely Difference

Write Freely emphasizes long form blog writing without as little distraction and friction as possible. While it interfaces nicely with open source social media networks, it does include social media features: there are no likes, claps, or comments. However, Write Freely provides community features. Other writers can join and contribute to your blog. And your content can be easily shared and interacted with via other open source “federated” software.

Writing In The “Fediverse”

The constellation of open source social media apps known as the “Fediverse” consists of various apps built to support the ActivityPub protocol. Write Freely is included on that list.

Your user identity on federated software is a lot like an email address; you can send and receive to all other addresses. This means the user account you set up when you create your Write Freely blog can log in and interact with these other apps. This would be like posting to Instagram with your Twitter account, or writing a Facebook post with your YouTube account.

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