Write Freely RSS Feed And How To Use It

There are many different ways you can share your Write Freely blog with the world. One of the most powerful ways to do so is through the built-in RSS feed. RSS “syndicates” your blog posts into a feed that updates whenever you publish new content. This way, anyone who uses an RSS feed reader as Read More >

How to Create a Static Page in Write Freely

What is a blog anyway? A blog is basically an index of “posts,” most commonly sorted in reverse chronological order and dated. However, many blogs are not merely blogs. Some blogs require the use of static pages. A static page is a singular page on a website that contains up-to-date informatin and is regularly updated. Read More >

What is Write Freely?

Write Freely is a content management system that focuses on long form written blog content. Write Freely also connects to the ActivityPub protocol, which means your user account on Write Freely can interact with other open source social network apps like Mastodon, GNU Social, Pleroma, and many others. Installing custom software like Write Freely requires Read More >

How To Post On Write Freely

Now that you have installed a Write Freely blog it’s time to write your first post. Write Freely is a great blogging tool, and it doesn’t require high performance VPS hosting, it works great on cloud VPS hosting as well. Write Freely is very much unlike other content management systems (CMSs) you may be familiar Read More >

How To Install a Write Freely Blog

Write Freely federated blogging software provides you with everything you would need to run a successful blog in the style of Medium or Substack, but it’s hosted on your own server, giving you more control and creative expression. Create a MySQL Database For Write Freely Setting Up The MySQL Database User Create A Database For Read More >