How to set the Category or Tag URL base

You can set the Category or Tags URL base in the Permalinks menu under the Optional section. This means that you determine how the URL will look like for your categories or tags. By default, the tag base will use the words “category” and “tags” when the URL is created for your post category or tag.

For example:

When looking at a Category, the URL will default to something like this:

Or, if you’re looking at the URL for a default tag:

Changing how the Category or Tag URL will look

  1. Login to the WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click on Settings, then click on Permalinks
  3. Optional SectionHere you will see the Permalinks settings at the top the page. Scroll down until you see the Optional section.
  4. Set category baseClick on the Category Base field and type in the custom label you want to use for the Category URL. Bear in mind that the URL is case-sensitive. Keep it lower case to make it simple.
  5. Click on Save Changes to save the changes that you make.
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10 thoughts on “How to set the Category or Tag URL base

  1. How to remove that category prefix from url completely? I mean like instead of having ‘’, I want it like ‘’. Is it possible?

  2. Right now I have but the same link is also being displayed when visiting I do not want to display post from that category. Is this possible?

    1. If you’re using a category and the articles are set to that category, then they will appear if the category is selected. To change the path of a category you would normally have to change its slug or use a redirect of some type.

    1. Hello Humphrey,

      Thank you for your question. As long as you have administrator access to the WordPress dashboard, you should be able to perform the task outlined in this guide.

      Best Regards,
      Alyssa K.

  3. hey,
    Do you know how to remove ‘category’ and ‘tag’ from the url, when we access a category and tag page respectively.

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