Publishing WordPress from EasyPHP

This tutorial is aimed at showing you how to migrate your WordPRess website that you have on your local computer using EasyPHP to your InMotion Hosting account.

If you are not familiar with EasyPHP, this article is not written for you. In this article, we already assume you have installed EasyPHP on your local computer and have been previously testing/ developing WordPress on it. If you’re looking for more information on migrating WordPress from one host to InMotion, please review our Education Channel article: Migrating Your WordPress Site Data

  1. Install WordPress on your hosting account with InMotion Hosting.
  2. Make sure that BOTH versions from WordPress (locally and with InMotion) are the same. If not, upgrade your local version to match the new installation on your InMotion account.
  3. In your EasyPHP admin panel, change the URL to your domain name and switch to the default WordPress theme.
  4. Using phpMyAdmin in EasyPHP, export your WordPRess database, making sure you copy down the location of where you exported the database to.
  5. Using an FTP program such as FileZilla, upload the local copy of the wp-content folder to your hosting account. You can overwrite the existing wp-content folder.
  6. Using phpMyAdmin on your InMotion hosting account, select all tables in the new database and choose “drop” in the dropdown menu. This will remove all the existing tables.
  7. Select tImport and find the SWL file you exported in Step4. Clikc on the file then select “Go.”
  8. Log into your WordPress dashboard on your hosting account and swith to your desired theme.
  9. Check your pluging to make sure they are all activiated, and re-activate any plugins as needed.

Congratulation! You have successfully migrated your WordPress site from EasyPHP to your InMotion Hosting account.



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