What is CGI?

CGI stands for common gateway interface. When you log into file manager in cPanel for the first time, you’ll notice a folder in your Public_html folder called your “cgi-bin”. CGI in the most basic of terms is a way that the webserver communicated information to a CGI program. The cgi-bin folder is where you will store the scripts such as Perl (.pl) that your website will use. 

If your website contains a form for your visitors to fill out created directly from code, then it’s likely this form will be handled with a script placed in the CGI-bin folder. If you’re using a CMS like WordPress, then your forms are mostly being created through a plugin or built-in functionality. Consult with your documentation in order to learn more about to create your form. If you would like more information on using a form on your website please see our link: How Contact Forms Work. You can also learn how to create forms using a script like FormMail.

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