How to Use Related Content in Jetpack

One way to get your readers to spend more time on your site is to make sure that they know that there might other related content on your site. Jetpack provides this option and also does the computing involved to determine how content can be related. There are also a few options that you may want to use to make your related content stand out. We will walk you through the steps below.

How to enable the Related Content Option in Jetpack

  1. Login to your WordPress Administrator Dashboard
  2. click on Jetpack in menu

    Click on Jetpack in the menu at left, then click on Settings.

  3. Click on Traffic

    Click on Traffic.

  4. You may be required to sign into your related account. Please sign in if that is the case.
  5. Scroll down to Related content

    Scroll down and find the section titled Related Posts.

  6. Here you will several sliders that activate the option. Click on the slider to toggle it on or off. Here are the slider options:
    Show related content after postsThis is the main slider that activates the option. By default it is active.Enable related content

    Highlight related content with a headingThis will show a related header to help define the related content.Enable header

    Show thumbnail images where availableShow associated images with the related contentEnable thumbnails

Customizer shortcut

These same options can be accessed in the site Customizer. Jetpack provides you a shortcut to the Customizer section with the option at the bottom of the Related posts section labeled Configure related posts in the Customizer. This completes our tutorial on how to enable and configure the Related Posts in Jetpack! For more information please see our other Jetpack Tutorials.

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