How to Create an XML Sitemap in Jetpack

One of the tasks you may encounter when creating a website is finding someway to submit an XML sitemap to a search engine like Google. Providing an XML sitemap helps the search engine index your website so that it is easier for all of your content to be found in the search results. Having an accurate sitemap goes a long way to help the search engine when your website is not well organized or well linked. In this article, you will learn how to create an XML sitemap in Jetpack.

Among its many features, Jetpack provides this feature to help optimize your search engine results. One of the best features of the plugin is that it automatically updates when you make a change to the website. As a bonus feature, it automatically sends the XML sitemap to major search engines. This article will cover how to find and enable the XML Sitemap feature. Once it’s enabled, you don’t need to do anything else! Jetpack will automatically update and send the sitemaps to the major search engines.

In order to use these instructions, you will need to have Jetpack installed on your WordPress site.

Enabling the XML Sitemap in Jetpack

Activating the option to create XML sitemaps in Jetpack is a very simple task. You will need to be logged into the WordPress administrator dashboard in order to make changes to the Jetpack settings. Follow the steps below and Jetpack will create your XML sitemap and send it to the major search engines.

  1. Log in to your WordPress Administrator Dashboard
  2. In the menu to the left of the screen, click on Jetpack, then click on Settings.
  3. On the Settings screen, you will see a bar near the top of the screen. Click on Traffic.
  4. In the Traffic section, scroll down until you find Sitemaps. Here you will see a slider labeled Generate XML sitemaps. If the slider is gray and set to the left, then it not enabled. Click on it to enable the option. Once it’s enabled you’ll see a notification that confirms that the setting has been saved.

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That completes the activation of the XML Sitemap feature in Jetpack! Once the feature is activated Jetpack will create an XML sitemap automatically and then send it to the major search engines for you. You will also see a confirmation that this is being done at the bottom Sitemap section in Jetpack. The confirmation will read, “Good news: Jetpack is sending your sitemap automatically to all major search engines for indexing. When a sitemap is generated, you will also see links to the XML file. If you want to be proactive, then manually send your XML sitemap using Google’s Webmaster Tools.

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