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In this day and age, social media often includes messages that are, poorly written, misspelled, and wrongly punctuated. This leads to misunderstanding, confusion, or at worst, incorrect information. So, if your messages need to be grammatically correct it’s often recommended that you have someone review what you’ve written. You can also use online (or offline) references to help you write your material correctly. A grammatically correct message is important when you’re creating posts or pages that are meant for professional or business use. Clear concise communications not only help your customers or potential customers, but they also help improve the trust in your information which can translate into success for your business.

To help you with your writing tasks, there are many online grammar resources and references available from educational institutions. There are also a few applications that can scan your work and then give you recommendations. This article reviews a few of the resources that you can access both online and offline to help you write in a clear, grammatically-correct manner.

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Offline Grammar Resources

Before the internet, there existed books. Yes, we know, it sounds a little heretical. However, books are often underused resources that can help you find out about an obscure grammar rule. They can also assist with specific style guides that you need for your publication. Local organizations or colleges provide resources in the form of writing labs or even a tutor available to talk with you. If you search for writing resources you may find local writer groups, city programs, or local library information to help you write something creative or business-oriented. Offline resources can lead to experts or experienced people who can help you with your specific writing subject. You may be surprised at the wealth of information available to you offline.

One of the best reference books that you can get for grammar is The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition by William Strunk Jr.

Online Grammar Resources

Online resources for writing can be divided into a few groups. You have resources or reference material that have been published or are accessible online. There are also online tools like Grammarly, where you can paste your text and then get immediate recommendations. Word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word include grammar checking options. We will list several online options to help you in your quest for correct grammar.

Purdue University – Online Writing Lab (OWL)
This website has an incredible list of resources for writing. Provides links to many references for popular styles (e.g. MLA, APA, Chicago). One of the most in-depth resources for writing available online.

University of Bristol – Grammar Exercises
You will find great tutorials for learning grammar as well as exercises that provide great examples that help you remember what you’re learning.

This is probably the easiest to use grammar tool. It allows you to add it to your favorite internet browser. You can then copy your text into a page to have the tool scan it. Grammarly can also scan text live as you are typing to provide corrections. If you purchase the subscription, then it provides more in-depth scanning and suggestions for your text.

Example of Grammarly in action in the Chrome browser.

Ginger – Grammer Checker
Another online tool that you can also get for your browser. A great alternative to Grammarly. Both applications provide premium versions. The screenshot below is from Ginger’s website.

Ginger Grammar Checker webpage

Make use of grammar resources to help you create clear, concise posts on your WordPress website. For more information on using WordPress, check out the Product Guide for WordPress.

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