Globally disabling comments in WordPress

Disabling comments globally in WordPress usually takes some work in either creating a child theme, or adjusting your existing theme. Thankfully, a plugin has been developed to easily disable all comments on your WordPress with ease called simply, Disable Comments. In this article, we will show you how to globally disable comments on your WordPress site with just a few clicks.

Installing the Disabled Comments plugin

  1. First, you will need to log into your WordPress admin dashboard.

  2. Add New Plugins screen

    Now that you have logged into your WordPress admin dashboard, hover over Plugins, then click on Add New which will take you to the plugin installation screen.

  • Disable Comments search results

    Once on the plugin installation screen, you will see a search box. Inside the search box, enter Disable Comments, and click Search Plugins. You will then be presented with your search results.

  • Plugin installation confirmation screen

    To install the Disable Comments plugin, click the Install Now link under the first result. WordPress will then automatically handle the download and installation of the Disable Comments plugin. Be sure to click Activate Plugin when complete to ensure that it is active on your WordPress site.

  • Globally disabling comments in WordPress

    1. Disable Comments Settings

      To disable comments globally on your WordPress site, you will need to access the settings for the Disable Comments plugin. To do so, hover over Settings, then click on Disable Comments.

    2. On this page, you may select various options depending on where you want to disable comments. You could disable comments everywhere, or just on certain post types. If you want to disable comments on your entire WordPress site, select the option to disable everywhere. If you want to disable comments on just pages, select the option to disable comments on certain post types, then select the checkbox labeled Pages.

    3. If for some reason your theme uses non-standard functions for comments, you may need to enable persistent mode. This will permanently remove comments and the changes will stay after the plugin is disabled or removed, so be sure that you will never want comments enabled again if you select this option.

    4. Be sure that you save your changes after they are made. If all went well, your comments are now disabled on your WordPress site.

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