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If you create a Post or Page in WordPress, you will notice that the interface that appears with your post or page may include a few options that you do not want to include with your content. Posts or Pages in BoldGrid allow you to select these options through tabs at the top of the screen. You can select Editor and Screen Options. We will describe each section in the article below.

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The newest versions of WordPress now incorporate the post and page editor called Gutenberg. This editor is default with all WordPress installations. The editor option in BoldGrid gives you the option to use the Post and Page Builder editor, the new WordPress Editor (Gutenberg), and the Classic Editor (the old WordPress editor). The option to use the older WordPress editor will only be available if it is loaded. You can load the Classic WordPress editor as a plugin. In order to select an editor, simply click on the drop-down to select your preferred editor.

Screen Options

The screen options list the different options about your post or page. See the table below for a description of each option.

Boxes Description
Page Attributes These options appear on the right hand side of the page and include the option to set a parent, template and order.
Featured Image You can set an image specifically for the post (but not actually in the post body).
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Custom Fields Custom fields allow to add extra metadata that can have a variety of uses and values. For example, you can create a page ID number used to identify the page in a different manner so that it can be referenced from another part of your website.
Comments Comments allow people to interact with your post. Make sure to implement some type of security if you want to avoid comment spam.
Slug A slug allows you to provide a custom ending to the URL so that it can be more asily remembered
Author This option allows you to designate the author of the post or page.
Columns You can select one or two columns for the layout of your post or page
Additional Settings Provides the option to enable a full-height editing display that they call “distraction-free.”

Congratulations! You know about the different screen options and editors that you can use in the BoldGrid Post and Page editor.

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