Editing syndication feed settings in phpBB 3.0

Many site owners wish to enable syndicated feeds for their site content. This broadcasts any new content added to your site to subscribers so they are aware of it almost instantly. This can help bring visitors back to the community to engage in conversation, growing your site and boards more quickly. PhpBB uses the ATOM standard for syndication feeds, which is another alternative to the other popular RSS standard.

The tutorial below explains how to navigate to the site feed settings section as well as give explanations for the different settings in order to help you customize your phpBB board.

How to modify syndication feed settings in phpBB 3.0

  1. Log into your phpBB admin dashboard.
  2. From there, click on the General tab if the screen is not already focused on it.
  3. Once you land on the General tab you will see several categories listed on the left hand sidebar. Click on the Feed Settings link found under the Board Configuration category.
    select feed settings from menu
  4. You are now on the Feed Settings management screen. From here you can customize your feeds by altering the different settings. The settings themselves are broken up into four sections. They are the General Feed Settings, Post-based feed settings, Topic-based feed settings, and Other feeds and settings.
    General Feed Settings
    list of general settings

    Enable FeedsThis setting is the master switch and will turn the ATOM feeds either on or off entirely. This setting supercedes all other settings on the page.
    Item StatisticsEnabling this setting allows the display of individual statistics on the feed items such as views, replies, date and time, etc.
    Allow HTTP AuthenticationThis setting can be used to enable HTTP authentication to allow users to receive content otherwise hidden to guest users.

    Post-based Feed Settings
    list of post based feed settings

    Number of ItemsSet the maximum number of items to display in your feed.
    Enable Board-wide FeedsSetting for enabling/disabling board-wide new posts in the feed.
    Enable per-forum FeedsEnables/disables single forum and subforum posts.
    Enable Per-topic FeedsEnables or disables single topic new posts.

    Topic-based Feed Settings
    list of topic based feed settings

    Number of ItemsSets the max number of items to display in the feed.
    Enable New Topics FeedIf enabled, displays the last topics created and also includes the first post.
    Enable Active Topics FeedWhen enabled, displays the last active topics including the last post for the topic.
    News FeedThis setting pulls and displays the first post from each forum selected from the list.

    Other Feeds and Settings
    list of other feed settings

    Enable Forums FeedThis setting enables a feed for All forums.
    Exclude these ForumsUse the list to the right and select any forums you wish to exclude from the feeds.
  5. Once you have configured your syndication feed settings, click on the Submit button to save them.

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