Installing PHP-Fusion with Softaculous

PHP-Fusion is a Free Open Source software that can be installed on your server. To install PHP-Fusion on your server, you can use the Softaculous software installer found in your cPanel. This article will explain the step by step process of installing PHP-Fusion on your server.

Steps to install PHP-Fusion

  1. Login into your cPanel. Go to Softaculous in the Software/Services section.
  2. Click PHP-Fusion in Softaculous

    Select PHP-Fusion from the “Portals/CMS” section on the left in Softaculous.

  3. Click Install PHP-Fusion in Softaculous

    Click Install at the top right.

  4. Enter the Software setup information PHP-Fusion in Softaculous

    Enter the Software set up settings. Choose the domain you want to install PHP-Fusion on. Leave the In Directory blank. Add your username and password for your PHP-Fusion admin login and click Install.

    Important! Make sure you put a valid email address in the Admin email. You will need a valid email in order to receive any notices from your website.

    wait for the install to finish PHP-Fusion in Softaculous

    You should see a status bar for your installation.


  5. Click Overview PHP-Fusion in Softaculous

    When the installer is finished you should see a “Congratulations, the software was installed successfully” page.

    Click Return to overview.

  6. Current installations PHP-Fusion in Softaculous

    You will now see your PHP-Fusion site in the list of Current Installations. You can visit the Admin link to go to the administrators login screen.

    View the new PHP-Fusion site

    When you are finished you should see a site like the snapshot to the right.


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