Installing the “Powered By” vQmod Extension

OpenCart is free and open source and at any time you are able to remove the “powered by OpenCart” if you want. As per the OpenCart website, its generally accepted practice to make a small donation in lieu of removing the backlink. If you want to donate via PayPal to [email protected]

We’ve created a simple vQmod extension to remove the “Powered By” text in the footer so you do not need to modify the core code of OpenCart. Being able to modify the code without changing the core code is important since if you ever need to upgrade your shopping cart, you will not have to modify the code again. We’ve tested this extension on OpenCart version 1.5.2 and it should work on 1.5.x.x versions.

You must have vQmod installed to use this extension. If you are unfamiliar with vQmod, please see our tutorial on “Installing vQmod in OpenCart“.

  1. Download the Extension from here
  2. Extract the Zip File to your local computer
  3. Use your FTP program of your choice and open the root folder for OpenCart
  4. Upload the vqmod folder to your OpenCart root


At this point, you have successfully installed the extension for OpenCart to remove the footer information. You can verify this by visiting your website.



If you need further assistance, or have any trouble with the extension, please feel free to ask a question on our support center.

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