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In Moodle 2.3, the Grades and Reports settings can be customized to display uniquely according to the teacher specifications. Grades are the measurement of the students progress in the Course. The Reports are for viewing the student grades for review. For example, how the grades are navigated, positioned, categorized, and so forth. These can be fine tuned exactly how the teacher wants the grades and reports to display.

An example of this is the Grade Letters. Grade letters are the grading scale that the teacher uses to grade the students performance. The default has the standard grading scale most schools use (ie. 90% – 100% is an A, 80% to 89% a B and so forth). Some grade scales have 93% – 100% as an A and 83% to 92% a B and so forth. The Grades and Reports section in the site administration is for changing settings like these.

This articles purpose is to give a general reference to these settings. The actual usage of these sections won’t be utilized until the Grades and Reports are viewed and set up in the Course sections. The following table gives a brief explanation of what settings are available for each Site Administration section for grades and reports.

Note! This article will cover general information about the Grades and Reports settings for the Site administrator for a reference. This section is not exhaustive, as Moodle has an explanation of each setting in within the Moodle Grades and Reports section already.

An Overview of the Site Administrators Grades and Report settings

General settingsThe general settings consist of the following. These are for basic display settings for the Grades.

  • Graded roles
  • User profile report
  • Aggregation position
  • Include scales in aggregation
  • Show submitted date for hidden grades
  • Enable publishing
  • Grade export display type
  • Grade export decimal points
  • Navigation method
  • Recover grades default
  • Primary grade export methods
  • Unlimited grades
Grade category settingsThis gives teachers the ability to edit category settings that display in the gradebook. Below are the options:

  • Hide forced settings
  • Aggregation
  • Available aggregation types
  • Aggregate only non-empty grades
  • Include outcomes in aggregation
  • Aggregate including subcategories
  • Keep the highest
  • Drop the lowest
Grade item settingsThis section is for changing the items that display in the teachers gradebook. Below are the options:

  • Grade display type
  • Overall decimal points
  • Advanced grade item option
ScalesScales are a way to assess a students performance. These are used in the Forums, Glossary, and assignment sections. Students can rate each other. These ratings can be set to a specific numeric value
LettersThe Grade Letters section allows the teacher to change the grading scale of the Course.
Report settings
Grader reportThis section will allow the gradebook to be viewed according to the teachers specifications. The Gradebook and the Grader Repoart are the same.Each of these settings will allow the report to display according to the teachers specifications. Below are the options:

  • Students per page
  • Quick grading
  • Quick feedback
  • Static students column
  • Grades selected for column averages
  • Enable AJAX
  • Show calculations
  • Show show/hide icons
  • Show column averages
  • Show locks
  • Show ranges
  • Show grade analysis icon
  • Show user profile images
  • Show activity icons
  • Show number of grades in averages
  • Column averages display type
  • Range display type
  • Decimals in column averages
  • Decimals shown in ranges
Overview reportThis section can edit the settings for the Show rank and Hide totals if they contain hidden items.
User reportThe user report setting will change the way the grades are displayed in the course, whether there is any feedback from the teacher, and how the course total is viewed. Below are the options:

  • Show rank
  • Show percentage
  • Show grades
  • Show feedback
  • Show ranges
  • Show weightings
  • Show average
  • Show letter grades
  • Range decimal points
  • Show hidden items
  • Hide totals if they contain hidden items

This concludes the article for Site Administrator Grades and Report settings Overview. Now that we understand what teh Grades and Reports are,the next article will discuss Viewing the Moodle Grader report or Gradebook in the Quiz administration. For more information about grades and reports, please visit Moodle Grading and Reports.

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