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Section 1: Getting Started Guide: Moodle
In this article we will introduce you to Moodle, a course management system or a virtual learning environment.
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Installing and Logging in

This section will explain how to install and log in to Moodle 2.3.
Section 2: Installing Moodle with Softaculous
Moodle 2.3 can be installed through Softaculous with little effort. This article will explain how to install Moodle through the cPanel Softaculous application.
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Section 3: How to log into the Moodle Administrator Dashboard
This tutorial explains the steps for logging into the Moodle Dashboard.
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Resetting your Moodle Password

If you've forgotten your Moodle password, the following articles will help based upon your current scenario.
Section 4: I forgot / How to reset Moodle 2.3 username or password
This tutorial will explain the process for recovering or resetting the username and password for Moodle 2..2
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Section 5: How to change the Username and Password in Moodle
To change the username and/or password for your Moodle Login, you can log in the Moodle Dashboard and change it in the Admin Profile.
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Section 6: Changing the Moodle admin password through PhpMyAdmin
Forgot your Moodle username or password and the forgot password link is not sending the email for the login credentials. This will show how to change the password in PhpMyAdmin.
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Front Page Settings

This section will discuss updating, editing and changing the home page in Moodle 2.3.
Section 7: How to edit the Front page settings in Moodle
This tutorial will focus on editing the Moodle 2.3 Front page settings.
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Section 8: Editing the summary on the Moodle Frontpage
By default, Moodle has no text on the frontpage summary. This tutorial will explain how to add content to the Moodle 2.3 Frontpage.
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Section 9: Inserting an iframe in the Moodle Frontpage
Moodle 2.3 has the capability of not only editing the Frontpage with a WYSIWYG editor, but adding code to the page itself. This tutorial will explain how to add an iframe to the Moodle Frontpage.
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Section 10: Managing the Moodle question bank
This tutorial will briefly explain the Moodle 2.3 Question Bank and what it is used for.
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Backup & Restore

Section 11: Creating a Backup of Moodle
Moodle has its own back up feature where the site can be backed up through the Moodle dashboard. The following article will outline the process of backing up Moodle through the Moodle Dashboard.
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Section 12: Restoring Moodle from a backup
Once the backup is created through the Moodle Dashboard, like what was outlined in the Creating a backup of Moodle tutorial, the backup can be restored through the Moodle Dashboard. This article will demonstrate how to import or restore the backup created by the Moodle dashboard.
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My Profile Settings

The My Profile Settings are available in Moodle 2.3 for editing and adding information to the users profile. The following tutorials will focus on the "My Profile settings" in the Moodle Settings section.
Section 13: Editing the User profile in the My Profile Settings of Moodle
Users can edit their profiles within the My profile settings of the Settings section in Moodle 2.3. This tutorial will briefly explain the User profile settings.
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Section 14: Configuring notification methods for incoming messages in Moodle
Moodle 2.3 has the capability to message users when certain actions occur on the site. This article will discuss how to configure the incoming message notification methods.
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Configuring Languages

Moodle 2.3 has the ability to incorporate multiple Languages. This section will explain how to change the Language settings in Moodle.
Section 15: Installing a Language pack in Moodle
Moodle includes a vast array of Language packs that can be installed or removed, allowing the site to be viewed in multiple languages. This article will focus on installing a language pack for Spanish in Moodle 2.3.
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