Viewing Admin Reports in Drupal

Drupal 8 gives the ability to view many different reports for your site. These reports give information about various things regarding your site. This includes site parameters such as database and php version, to reports on which pages get the most ‘not found’ errors to the top search phrases. Below is a guide on accessing the reports list and a quick breakdown of each report on the list.

Viewing Admin Reports in Drupal 8

Accessing the Report List

  1. Log into your Drupal 8 admin interface.

    From the top menu bar, click on the Menu tab.


    A second menu bar will appear. From there, click on the Reports option. This will bring you to a screen that lists all the available reports for your Drupal 8 installation.




Available Updates


The first report on the list is the Available Updates report. This report gives you a list of updates on all themes and modules that are installed in Drupal 8.


Recent Log Messages


Next is the Recent Log Messages report. Here you will find a list of recent events that were recorded by Drupal 8. You can filter them down to specific types by using the Filter Log Messages.


Field List


Third on the list is the Field List report. This one is a quick reference guide that displays all fields that are currently in use. The report lists the field name, its type, and the particular content types that uses it.


Status Report


Next up is the Status Report, which displays a large list of all the site’s parameters. It also displays any problems that have been detected within the installation. This is the report you will most likely visit when gathering data to submit for troubleshooting.


Top ‘Access Denied’ errors


Fifth on the list is the Top ‘Access Denied’ error report. A very simple report, all of the recent access denied error messages will be listed here. It will display the message as well as the number of times the message was received.


Top ‘Page Not Found’ errors


Much like the Top ‘Access Denied’ Errors report, the Top ‘Page Not Found’ report lists all the pages that received a ‘Page Not Found‘ error as well as the frequency of the error. This too is a very simple report.


Top Search Phrases


Next to last on the list is the Top Search Phrases report. The top phrases your users search for within your site are listed here. It also lists the number of times each phrase was searched.


Views Plugins


Rounding out the list is the Views Plugin report. This report displays all the plugins used in different views. For each one it displays the type,name, and in which views it is used.


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