Creating a new user in Drupal 8

Part of the administrative duties of your website will be user control. Most users will simply create an account from your main page, however you will need to know how to create new user accounts from the admin area as well. This article guides you through creating a new user account in Drupal 8.

How to create a new user account

  1. Log into your admin interface.
  2. edu Drupal 8 common images select person

    Select the Menu option from the top menu bar and then click on the Person link from the second menu..

  3. edu Drupal 8 106 create user account 1 click add user

    This brings you to the People screen where all current users are listed. Form here, click on the Add user button to begin the process of adding a new member to your site.

  4. edu Drupal 8 106 create user account 2 add user content

    You are now on the user data page. From here, enter data into all of the fields:

    Username This will ne the username for the member and will appear on the site. Spaces are allowed as well as limited punctuation (.-‘_)
    E-mail address The email address of the user, though not required, highly recommended. This information is kept private.
    Password The user’s password. Be sure to use a strong one including upper and lower case, numbers, and punctuation. Under that you will need to enter the same password again in the Confirm password field.
    Status This allows you to set a user to either Active status or Blocked, meaning they cannot use the site as a member.
    Roles This allows you to give members different roles. The two default roles are Authenticated user and

Administrator. More than one can be selected for a member.

Picture Upload a user avatar in this section if you wish. Locale Settings Sets the timezone for the user so that dates and times on the site are displayed local to them.
  • Once you have entered the data for the user, click on the Create new account button at the bottom of the page. Your new member will now appear in the list for all users.
    Before After
    edu Drupal 8 106 create user account before

    edu Drupal 8 106 create user account after

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