How to change your site name in Drupal

The Site Name in Drupal is the main title that your visitors see on your page and in the upper tabs of your visitor’s browsers. It is located in the header portion of the page and is written in the largest text. By default, the site name is set to the domain name of the site. You may not want to show that as your site name, but change it to something else instead. For example, your site name may be but you want to display Cats and Dogs as your site name. Editing the site name in the Drupal admin dashboard is very simple once you know how.

Editing the site name in Drupal:

  1. Log into the dashboard

    Log into your Drupal admin dashboard.

  2. Click Configuration Menu

    Using the top menu bar, find the Configuration menu item and click on it.

  3. Find Site Information

    Find the System category over to the right side of the Configuration page and click on Site Information.

  4. Modify Site Name

    You are now on the Site Info page. From here, find the Site Name field. It should be the first field. Change the name to whatever you want. In this example, I changed it to Drupal 7 Test Site.

  5. Save Changes

    Scroll down and click the Save Configuration button to save your new site title.

  6. Before and After

    Below you can see the changes made by changing the Site Name



You have just successfully changed the site name of your Drupal website! If you have not already,  you may want to check out our article on how to change your site slogan.

3 thoughts on “How to change your site name in Drupal

  1. I have done that, but when i share the link on facebook, still shows the old name.

    Yest i flush cashes and run cron…

    Anyone can help me?

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