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How to Automatically Set Up Email on iOS Devices

When adding a Mail account on an iOS device specific details about the email account are necessary. cPanel includes a Mail Client Automatic Configuration Script that can be used with iOS for iPhone/iPad/iPod. This script will securely provide the necessary details of your email account, in an iOS Configuration Profile, that you can easily install. This guide will provide the steps for how to use cPanel’s script to automatically set up an email account on an iOS device.

  1. On your iPhone/iPad/iPod, open Safari and navigate to your cPanel login page. entered in address bar of Safari and Go button on keyboard highlighted

  2. Log into cPanel. Be sure to use the cPanel username that owns the email account you want to set up.

    cPanel Username and Password fields and Login button highlighted

  3. Under the Email section, tap Email Accounts.

    cPanel Email section Email Accounts icon highlighted

  4. From the Email Accounts list, locate the email address you want to setup. Tap Set Up Mail Client.

    Email Accounts list Set Up Mail Client highlighted

  5. Below Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts, find iOS for iPhone/iPad/iPod and MacOS for Mountain Lion (10.8+). Tap on the IMAP over SSL/TLS link to the right to open the script.

    Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts iOS for iPhone/iPad/iPod and MacOS for Mountain Lion (10.8+) IMAP over SSL/TLS highlighted

  6. Tap Proceed to confirm that you want to run the script.

    Set Up Mail Client pop-up Proceed button highlighted

  7. Tap Allow to permit Safari to open Settings to install the configuration profile.

    Set Up Mail Client pop-up Allow button highlighted

  8. Review the Profile to be installed and tap Install.

    Install Profile Install button highlighted

    Enter Passcode screen displayed

  9. Tap the Install button.

    Install Profile confirm Install button highlighted

  10. Enter your email account’s password then tap Next.

    Enter Password Password field highlighted

  11. Tap Done.

    Profile Installed Done button highlighted

Congratulations! Now that you have installed the iOS Configuration Profile, you can use your iPhone/iPad/iPod to access your email.

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